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Seven Tips for Yoga Cover Teachers and Student Expectations

Stand your ground Yoga Teachers - here's what I believe cover teachers should do.......

1. You have planned your class, so follow it through, of course at times you will improvise as you look around at your students in class.

2. The class you are meant to be teaching does not have to be what your students expect - every teacher has a different delivery and although it can be classed as a specific type of Yoga, it is all about the breathing.

3. Enjoy your teaching and know your students will too. Once they are engaged, you will be spreading the perfect energy.

4. Be calm, especially when you are fully aware fellow yogi's may not take well to change. 

5. It's not for you to adapt your teaching, it is for you to make sure all will benefit from the teaching.

6. Relax your nerves and start off with Pranayama, where you can settle the class and their anxiety.

7. Know that some students are set in their ways and we as teachers have to accept that.

Here's what I believe students should not expect...

1. The teacher to be the same and have the same style as the regular teacher.

2. Students should have an open mind and not expect to receive the same delivery as they regularly do.

3. Just enjoy the class, take the change as it comes.

4. Do not disrespect the teacher by disturbing the whole class with your expectations, just listen, follow and feel your way through the session.

5. Remember cover teacher means cover teacher, it's for a short while so just go with it, the change may be good.

6. Don't be so demanding - sometimes you need a few sessions with the cover teacher to understand where their delivery is coming from, their style and the benefit for you.

7. Enjoy yourself!

Dipa x


You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.

Swami Vivekananda