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We combine yoga and reiki to enhance spiritual, mental and emotional cleansing and healing. Join us for a session to explore your higher spiritual Self, prepare for the day ahead, or unwind from the day you've just had.

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A few of our dedicated Yogis have offered some lovely little testimonials we'd like to share...

I have found going to the yoga sessions very beneficial, I was new to yoga, thinking it was all about breathing and awkward positions, but I was wrong. I have personal training sessions on a Wednesday and due to the weight training I do I find my muscles tensing up, yoga has helped with stretching my body and relaxing it, in fact it has complimented my gym training. I now know yoga is a holistic exercise, which works your body and soul.

With regards to the teaching styles, I like the way you take it in turns to take the classes as each of you have a slightly different style and this adds something new to each session. I also like the fact that both of you take the class when not teaching.
— Vanisha Lathia, July 2015
I have been to a number of different yoga classes over the years. They have all been beneficial in their own ways. I decided to join your class purely from receiving a leaflet through the post, having looked at the Yogarei website it looked appealing and worked as the classes are local.

The practice and ethics you follow are simple yet meaningful. I love the fact that each class is based on a “topic” of self reflection be it taught through a different chakra.

Working in a fairly stressful job, practice has reminded me to take reflection on my own thoughts and to zone out. I have also started to apply this throughout the week outside of class. I have enjoyed taking part in the classes over the last 2 months and look forward to being part of your future classes. It’s been enlightening
— Kajal Pindoria, July 2015
I am really enjoying the classes. I enjoy the way you guide/lead us by talking and making us focus on something like “positive thoughts” or colours like “orange”, “green” etc. I have been to other classes and they just tell people what to do and what the movements are so thank you...
— Andrea Garcia Nunez, July 2015
Divya’s teaching style maybe soft spoken, but she pushes students to give that little extra into the practice. Having done Vinyasa in central London, it’s nice that Yogarei bring this dynamic style to North West London in the ideal location of Ark Academy. It is spacious, bright and has great energy.
— N.V Student teacher trainee, June 2015
I am so grateful for your class and I can’t believe I am enjoying it so much ! :-) so many thanks to both of you.
— Marie Yilmaz, April 2015
Divya is a fantastic teacher and I absolutely love going to her lessons. Her focus and dedication to each of the students in class is exceptional. She works you hard but always makes it fun. Highly recommend her class to anyone at any level!
— Nicole de Pear, Feb 2015
A yoga session with Divya is the perfect way to end a busy day at work. I’ve never done yoga before and now I’m a huge fan. Not only does Divya’s class relax my mind, I feel like I’m actually having a work out, without feeling like I am. (Which is the best kind of work out in my mind)
— Amy Westbrook, Jan 2015
I have loved my yoga classes with Divya for the past year. I was a beginner when I first went to her class and now feel fairly confident at an intermediate level. She is extremely gifted and patient and I have thoroughly enjoyed the range of different types of classes she offers, flow has been my particular favourite. I couldn’t recommend her enough.
— Rosie Dwyers, Nov 2014
I absolutely love Divya’s classes. Every session I find myself improving on what I learnt in the class before whilst still learning new positions and techniques which are always brilliantly and patiently explained.
She teaches in a truly holistic way, allowing time to focus on both mind and body – a truly great class and teacher.
— Anna Crabtree, Nov 2014
I loved Divya’s early morning yoga classes. She was very attentive and encouraging, her demonstrations were clear and explanatory and above all she brought a wonderful sense of peace and calm to the class. I highly recommend her as a teacher.
— Roisin Robothan-Jones, Oct 2014
A wonderful way to start the day.
Made me realise how important yoga has become to me and how much I love it. I’ve learned some new techniques and it’s energising and relaxing in equal measure
— Sarah English, Oct 2014
A few of us girls are loving yoga in the mornings
— Flo Clive, Feb 2014
I just thought I’d drop you a note to say I absolutely love the yoga. It’s such a sanctuary up there when the sessions are on, I come out feeling a completely different person. It’s really aided my concentration and relieved so much stress it would be such a shame if it ended.
— Leyla Tezcan, Mar 2014
Just to say I’ve really enjoyed RKCR Loves January initiative. It’s been really fun, lots of variety and a great way to hang out with other people in the agency - really appreciate the January boost. Now I need to make sure February lives up to it ;) Which brings me on to Yoga. Divya’s been great. I know there are some conversations of her continuing the classes post Jan. I’d definitely be down for it.
— Lisa Lee, Mar 2014
It’s the best yoga class I’ve ever done, so really keen to keep it up!
— Georgie Harris, Mar 2014
I’d love to keep doing yoga, It’s really great x
— Amy Till
Love the yoga. It’s really great and I would love it to continue so I can progress further. It’s also a very good way to start the day and makes me feel invigorated for work.
— Alex Gluck

You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.

Swami Vivekananda